Today’s Quote: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

Today’s Word: Facetious adj. Treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.

Random Thought: How can someone “draw a blank”?

Today’s Quote: “You say I started out with practically nothing, but that isn’t correct. We all start with all there is, it’s how we use it that makes things possible.” — Henry Ford

Today’s Word: Tomagotchi-  an electronic toy displaying a digital image of a creature, which has to be looked after and responded to by the “owner” as if it were a pet.

Random Thought:  Ever notice that people treat their smartphones like a Tamagotchi…

Today’s Quote: “People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy.” – Oliver Goldsmith

Today’s Word: Propitious adj. (1) Indicating a good chance of success; favorable. “It was a propitious time to leave the party without offending the host.” (2) Favorably disposed toward someone.

Random Thought:  Want to test your character/psyche, try unplugging from everything electronic for just 24 hours.  Send me a text as to how you’re doing during the 24 hours…

Today’s Quote: “A true friend is someone who knows there’s something wrong even when you have the biggest smile on your face.” – Unknown

Today’s Word: Corpulent adj. Physically bulky; fat. “The once corpulent woman is now trim and fit.”

Random Thought: Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we’re kids? If you’re less than 10 years old, you’re so excited about aging that you think in fractions.

Today’s Quote: “I think I’ve discovered the secret of life — you just hang around until you get used to it.” ― Charles M. Schulz

Today’s Word: Mitigate v. (1) Make less severe, serious, or painful: “he wanted to mitigate the damages in court.” (2) Lessen the gravity of (an offense or mistake).

Random Thought: Wouldn’t be something if it turned out that French Fries were good for you…

Today’s Quote: “If you cannot convince them, confuse them.” Harry Truman

Today’s Word: Metonymy: a figure of speech consisting of the use of the name of one thing for that of another of which it is an attribute or with which it is associated.
“It’s common for headline-writers to refer to the Big Three automakers—Ford, Chrysler, and GM—as ‘Detroit.’

Random Thought: I miss those Saturday mornings when deciding on a cereal to eat and what cartoons to watch were the hardest decisions of the day…

Today’s Quote: “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren

Today’s Word: Accommodate; Accommodating v. Provide lodging or sufficient space for. “The room will accommodate ten people.” Fit in with the wishes or needs of another: “It’s difficult to accommodate his new management style.”

Random Thought: It occurred to me that I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine…